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La vie à travers les yeux d'une Acadienne et les aspects culturels de celle-ci. Si vous voulez partager quelque chose(concert ou un endroit visité), laissez un commentaire/The life of an Acadien woman, and her cultural aspect. If you want to share something about your cultural life(show or a good place visited), leave a comment.


lundi, janvier 25, 2010

Monday Poetry Train - thank you

In your eyes
Dans tes yeux
So much desire
Si de désir
Wanting me
Me désirant
Like I 've never
Comme j'ai jamais vu
Seen a guy
Un homme
Want me
Me vouloir
Your lips
Tes lèvres
My body
Mon corps
Over my clothes
Sur mes vêtements
Not wanting
Ne voulant point
To break
That promise
Cette promesse
I ask you
Que tu m'as fait
To take things slow
De prendre les choses lentement
In your eyes
Dans tes yeux
There is not only
PAs seulement
Le désir
But the respect
MAis le respect
I've been eager
Que j'ai tant
To have
Only one word
Me donnant
Comes to my mouth
Qu'un mot à la bouche
Thank you

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dimanche, janvier 17, 2010

Monday Poetry Train - Comment oses-tu?

Comment oses-tu
how do you dare
Me dire
Say to me
Que ce n'est pas vrai
That I'm not true
Quand c'est toi
When it's you
Qui veut à tout prix
That doesn't want at any price
Ne pas trop dévoiler
Show a part of you
Qui tu es
Who you are
Faire l'agent secret
Doing your secret agent
Me cachant
Tes yeux
Your eyes from me
De peur
Out of the fear
Qu'une seconde
That for a second
Je vois ton âme
I could see
Your soul

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mardi, janvier 05, 2010

Encore une nuit

This is a song by Marie-Mai, one of the participant of the first Star Académie. Its about domestic violence against children. Not only the melody is really nice, but the lyrics are strong! I would translate and get the lyrics another day(I'm in class right now) so that you can know it yourself!

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lundi, janvier 04, 2010

Notre Dame de Paris

So, I had earlier, posted some clips from this musical, That I would have like to go see when it was playing, but being presented in Québec, it wasn't really possible.
So here is some more clips from Notre-Dame de Paris
Song 2 - Les Sans-Papiers

Song 10- La monture

Song 21- mon maitre, mon sauveur

Song 22- Donnez-la moi

Song 23 - Dans mon Esmeralda

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dimanche, janvier 03, 2010


This one of the only song that bring tears to my eyes everytime I hear it!!

This is a upgrade from an anciant post!!

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samedi, janvier 02, 2010

Jean batailleur

So here is a song that Wilfred Lebouthillier redid, he comes from an hour away from me, that is originally from Zachary Richard

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