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vendredi, août 17, 2007


Donc, ici, j'ai un poème ou chaque premier mot d'un vers fait une phrase.

L'air semble tout effacé
Si un baiser pourrait empêcher
Pur plaisir de s'évader
L'eau du passé
Si longtemps carreser
Claire comme tes sentiments

Dans ces simples moments
TEs paroles s'envolaient ou
Yeux ne pouvaient voir
DEs rêves remplis de
Larmes de joie

Car tout ceci semblait trop beau
Nous étions qu'un
DEvons nous y croire
Nous, simples vagabons
Quitter tout ce que nous connaissons

Avec rien que nos aspirations
De pas à pas
Purs sont nos intentions
Baisers seront notre sentier

C'est très difficile!! Je ne sais pas comment , applegallak, tu fais pour en faire de si beau!! Je l'avais commencé il y a un bon bout de temps, l'avais mis de côté, et terminer aujourd'hui!! Chapeau applegallak pour nous en avoir partagé plusieurs!! Le mien me semble médiocre à côté des tiens, et de mes autres poèmes!!

ouch ouch ouch

So here, I present you a poem that every first word of each put together says something!! I'm gonna try to get it that way in the translation!!(Sorry, just finish the translation, and it did get lost in translation)

Air seems to erase everything
If one kiss could stop
Pure pleasure from escaping
Water from yesterday
So longly carress
Clear like your emotions
In those simple moments
Your words fly where
Eyes cannot see
The dreams full of
Tears of joy
Because every bit of this seem to be too beautiful
We were only one
Must we believe
Us, simple vagabons
Leave all that we know
With nothing but our aspiration
Step by step
Our intentions are purs
Kisses would be our trail

It is very hard!! I don't know how, applegallak, you do to make some so beautiful!! I started this one a while ago, put it aside, and finish it today!! Congrats, applegallak, for sharing yours with us!! Mine seems to be poorly done compare to yours and to my other poems!!

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  • At 2:11 p.m., Anonymous Anonyme said…

    I understand how the poem works.
    You are right it is difficult to translate it and keep the first words, when read, to form another separate poem.

  • At 2:15 p.m., Blogger Jill said…

    Fuck how it goes lost in translation, it was hard to do it in french, and it is impossible to keep it in the translation!!
    I really had admiration for the guy who did a couple of poem like that!! And some, he did the first and the last word of each lines!!

  • At 4:09 p.m., Anonymous Anonyme said…

    You are a good poet jill.
    You could do anything!

  • At 5:44 p.m., Blogger Jill said…

    I don't think I can do this well!!


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